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Committed to collaboration

The Risk Institute is where thought leaders, seasoned professionals, and students of risk come together. We’re constantly engaged in an open, collaborative dialog about risk: its complexity, its relevance across all industries, and its potential as a tool for competitiveness and growth.

The result? The gap between academia and practice grows smaller. Long-time experts and fresh new thinkers offer each other challenges, and help each other find solutions. Industries that once seemed worlds apart find common ground. And every member of the conversation leaves knowing more—about why risk matters, and how it can be used to their advantage.

Bi-annual Risk Conference

Every two years, the RIsk Institute hosts a conference on risk, drawing both speakers and attendees from across the country. 

Round Table Discussions

Partners of the Risk Institute gather periodically to exchange ideas and strategies, and participate in problem-solving sessions as a group.

Risk Seminar Series

Several times throughout the year, the Risk Institute hosts special seminars for executive business professionals. Focused on topics that range from crisis readiness to choice architecture, these seminars offer presentations from both faculty and practitioners, as well as breakout session to facilitate action-based learning.