MBA Leaders of Experiential Project-based Education

Conference June 18-21, 2013

This is the first annual conference of the MBA LEPE (Leaders of Experiential Project-based Education). After 4 years meeting at the annual E2 (Experiential Education) conference, the group decided last June in Seattle to formalize our existence as a group of thought leaders in the project-based learning space. Although our long-term goal will be to promote project-based learning as an instrumental component of an MBA experience and develop some thought leadership in this space, the cornerstone of our group will always be the annual rotating conference (with special thanks to previous hosts).

This conference is an opportunity for project-based learning leaders from top-tier MBA programs to gather and collaborate. Our conferences have always experienced very strong senses of camaraderie and a high willingness to share practices/templates. Although our programs are all custom-built for the needs of our students, they do share the following common elements:

  1. Real external clients
  2. Projects come from real challenges/opportunities faced by the client, not a fictional case
  3. Oversight by College faculty and/or staff
  4. Students work on project teams, not individually
  5. Students are tasked with producing an implementable solution for the client's challenge/opportunity
  6. Deliverables handed over in a final presentation and/or white paper