Did she really just title that with a hashtag? No, I am not a hashtag fanatic, nor am I particularly interested in getting things to “trend” on social media, but recently USRowing has begun to focus more on branding ourselves across all forms of social media.

I spent this past week in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, at the 2014 USRowing Club National Championships. Rewind to the week before that, and we had our first all-staff meeting of the summer. The focus of this meeting was to discus branding ourselves online and also to create a marketing plan for the upcoming Club National Championships. First, we had to choose a hashtag (clubnats14), then discuss what and how often we’d be posting on social media. Since social media had previously been handled exclusively by the communications and marketing staff, this was a whole new world for me.

In addition to adapting the marketing plan, we had our usual tasks for the event.This includes organizing medals for each race, creating registration packets and putting together binders for information, boat weighing, lightweight weigh ins and coxswain weigh ins. Angela, the other events intern, and myself also had a special task, the college fair.

The college fair has taken place at every Club Nationals for the past eleven years and is used as a recruiting tool by rowers and collegiate programs across the country. In accordance with NCAA regulations, at the conclusion of racing, the athletes who are rising seniors in high school have the opportunity to speak with coaches from over 70 rowing programs.

In order to make the college fair happen, Angela and I spent weeks contacting and registering both the coaches and athletes, creating an information packet with contact information for all college programs attending and finalizing the logistics of such a large event.

Want to see how the event turned out? Head over to USRowing’s Flickr to view pictures from the college fair and all of our regattas! https://www.flickr.com/photos/usrowing/sets/72157645435026957/

Although it was a crazy week full of lineup changes, intense downpours and long hours at the course, Angela and I did get a chance to enjoy the playground in the park!


Winding Down

Hi Everyone!

Right now I’m 7 weeks into my 10 week long internship. The time had flown by MUCH quicker than I was expecting. In the last few weeks I’ve been busy working on my project and learning about other positions within the company.

With my project, I’ve gained experience with different database management systems such as Microsoft Access and Google Analytics. I was even able to take a Microsoft Access class offered by Jo-Ann to freshen up on what I learned in CSE. I’ve also been working on trying to keep my presentation clean and simple as a PowerPoint (which is difficult for someone as detail-obsessed as me).

Another experience I’ve been able to take advantage of at Jo-Ann is shadowing people in other departments. There’s a lot of cross-functionality here so our department is constantly meeting with others, but shadowing is a great way to gain a more in-depth look into what they actually do. I was able to shadow a girl from the marketing department who works with e-mail promotions and some of the creativeness behind them which was SO cool. If you have the opportunity with your internship or job, I highly recommend shadowing regardless of what you think your interest level in the position is.

I’m currently tying together the loose ends of my final project and starting to practice presenting in front of my co-workers. In my final week of the internship, I have to present my summer project and provide a brief overview of my internship experience in front of my manager, co-workers and the company’s management executives (even including the CEO).

I’ll keep you updated as my internship starts to wrap up!

Lindsay My Cube!This is my beautiful cube! Please notice my movie star sunglasses (above my computer) and my blue squishy toy (in front of the love sign).

Can’t Believe it’s Almost Over!

Hi Everyone!

Here we are, week nine of our internship! A lot has happened since we last checked in. Here is what I’ve been up to:

I am the Rapid Rewards Strategy and Development intern in the marketing department, and so far I absolutely love it! I am working on several different projects and having a blast. The biggest thing I am doing is creating a competitive analysis of all loyalty programs in the airline/hotel industry. So if you ever need advice on which loyalty program to join, I’m your girl ;) I’m also doing a lot of research on how various companies market to their consumers through different advertising outlets, which has been a lot of fun for me. Because Southwest is currently in the midst of a merger with AirTran, I’ve also been able to help a lot with that in the loyalty program sphere, and it has been a really unique experience.

When I’m not working on different projects, I’ve had the opportunity to meet with various employees in the marketing department and learn more about what they do. This is something I recommend everyone to do during your internships. It has been really interesting learning how much the marketing department is in charge of (everything from sales to market planning to the digital team and data analysis), I’ve made great connections, and now when I walk past them in the halls I know another friendly face.

Some fun things I’ve done at Southwest:
1. We planned an intern challenge- It was the Marketing Interns Vs. Communications interns and did a bunch of fun outdoor challeges. I’m sure you can guess who won :)
2. Marketing movie day- One of our partners, Coke, treated us to the movies last week and the entire marketing team got to leave work early and see Maleficent.
3. Deck parties- Every Monday Southwest hosts deck parties put on by the different departments. They all have different themes, but usually consist of drinks, food, music, and raffles. One of my friends actually won a trip to Aruba last week!
4. I’ve also been able to travel to San Diego, San Francisco, New Jersey, New Orleans, and Las Vegas, all of which were unforgettable.

There is always something fun going on here at Southwest and I’m really going to miss it!


Alexandra Chudik

“Cleveland [and Progressive] Rocks!”

I promised myself I would be proactive during my internship with Progressive Insurance. Thus far, I believe I have held true to this promise, by acting on the opportunities presented to me. For example, I volunteered to lead a business lunchtime discussion, in which I chose an emerging business topic (IFRS vs. GAAP), reached out to potential speakers,  and hosted the event.

Progressive continues to engage me in exciting ways. Last week, I participated in two Excel training classes. Excel is one of many programs I have worked with this summer, and Progressive offers a variety of courses to improve skill sets in these fields. Myself and the other interns also had a chance to hear from Progressive’s International Business Leader, who provided career advice and talked about Progressive’s expansion into Australia. We journeyed through Cleveland on Lolly the Trolley for an intern event, which showed us the impressive array of activities to do.

The B Spot is one of the many fine dining establishments which I have visited this summer.

Living in Cleveland this summer, I have had an excellent chance to seize the moment and embrace the city. I went to downtown Cleveland with a few interns to catch a couple of Indians games at Progressive Field, and also explored the greenery of the Cleveland Metroparks, which have gorgeous trails for running. There are also a bevy of restaurants to try (I have gone to The B Spot and Granite City Food & Brewery). In addition, I have met with fellow Buckeye friends who are in the nearby area.

As I gear up for the final weeks of my internship, I aim to hold to my promise in making the most of my time at Progressive. I’ll keep in touch.

~ Adam

Project “Ali takes London”: complete.

My summer with On Device Research in London has been an incredible one. Spending two months almost 4,000 miles away from home was not always easy, but I have grown up so much and learned lessons that will be instrumental to my future career  (and life in general!).

Lesson 1: Blogging, where less is more

ThomasHawk Flickr

ThomasHawk Flickr

During my time at ODR I wrote three different blog posts, and along the way I frequently received the feedback to cut it down by 20%. I tend put details in where they do not need to be and say the same thing multiple times. I learned that less is more- people are more interested in reading something that is concise without all the extra fluff.

It is also important to mention brand names and data points if you want people and potential leads to read and pick up your post. 70% of people are more interested in what you have to say if you do. (See? ;) )

Lesson 2: Attention to detail is crucial

Catd_mitchell Flickr

Catd_mitchell Flickr

One thing that I learned (the hard way) is that attention to detail is incredibly important. Slides in a presentation not only have to look good independently, but they also have to all go together cohesively. Being meticulous about every little thing is not optional-it’s mandatory.

I was taught a very important lesson from the Marketing Manager Siim during my time at On Device. He told me that it is relatively easy and fast to get 90% of the way on a project, but it is that last 10% of being detail oriented that takes a project from just okay to amazing. It may take a while, but it makes all the difference.

Lesson 3: Be open to anything

This last lesson may be self-explanatory, but being open to anything is so important. Whenever anything was thrown my way, (including beginning to script a survey on my very first day!) I went into it with my best attitude and effort. I am so happy that I did, because I was able to have an incredible experience creating projects that I am truly proud of.

Typical tourist shot

Typical tourist shot

I am so thankful for my opportunities that I was given this summer- the lessons that I learned are invaluable.

Cheers, mates!