Networking is probably one of the most frequently used business buzz words. Unfortunately it isn’t as easy to practice as it is to say. Ever since entering OSU and the Fisher College of Business, my professors, faculty, and even classmates have emphasized networking. I have to admit in the beginning I was very skeptical. Even now at my first internship all of my managers, mentors, and coworkers emphasize the power of networking.

Has anyone ever told you something along the lines of, “if you’re interested in something, let me know! I will try to get you connected with right people to make it happen”? Personally, I have always thought that those were just polite words put together in a sentence to sound good. Contrary to my original notion, Key is entirely sincere when offering to aid me in the pursuit of my passions. At the very beginning of my internship I expressed interest in Data Analytics. Data Analytics interests me because it is a fast growing industry. In addition, I have previous experience with Tableau software through my involvement with the Buckeye Undergraduate Consulting Club (BUCC) on campus. I mentioned this interest once or twice during a training session. A few days later my manager pitched me an opportunity to sit down with the manager for the Data Analytics team. In addition, a meeting was schedule with a rotational analyst on the team. Within three weeks of interning with Keybank, I am being offered an opportunity to see another function within the company. I strongly believe this extraordinary opportunity is all thanks to networking.

Before my internship, I figured I would arrive at work at 8:00am and work on projects until 5:00pm and then head back home. Once again, Key surprised me. Even though I will only be with Key for a 10-week internship, they are dedicated to integrating me into the culture and making me a full member of the team. A perfect example of this is the Key Young Professional Networking Group (KeYP). This group aims to connect young professionals in after hour philanthropy, education, and social events. I learned about the group while researching the company before my interview. During my first week, I expressed interest to one of my mentors who put me in contact with the current president. The next thing I know I am invited to the next philanthropy dinner. While at the dinner I ran into the head of Credit Risk Review. Later in the summer all of the interns have a speaker series scheduled with this individual, but that night I was able to have a one-on-one discussion with him. The opportunity was priceless.

Reflecting on all that has been accomplished in the first two or three weeks of my internship energizes me for the next eight. If you have interests in a group or a project that is outside of directly assigned duties, ask your manager! Chances are you can sit in on a meeting or better yet, pick up a section of the task to work on! Every day is an opportunity to improve, try new things, and grow! Don’t let a second get away.


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Opinions expressed are those of the speakers and do not necessarily represent those of KeyBank

Not Your Average Desk Job

I started my internship at North High Brewing the other week and it’s awesome. My desk is either sitting inside the brewery or at the bar in the taproom. I’m helping them out with their marketing and event planning side of the business and learning a lot, especially about beer. The craft beer industry is booming and acts as a community. I was told by several at the Ohio Craft Brewers Association’s quarterly meeting I would never leave this thriving industry. So excited to see what’s in store for the rest of the summer, cheers!

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Key Orientation

At last the big day has arrived! Orientations signify a new chapter in life and I am delighted to begin this chapter with Key. Despite my excitement, I was also nervous. Thankfully Key did a wonderful job of familiarizing me to the work, office, and people.

Throughout the first day, we eased into our work responsibilities through learning about professionalism, branding, and also how performance is managed throughout the internship. The entire orientation felt so natural because I was surrounded by students who we’re also beginning their internships with Key.

To my surprise the entire intern class was issued laptops to use for work for the duration of our internship. I didn’t realize how much I would use a laptop until I realized how flexible it allows me to be between working at the Tiedeman Office and traveling to the Key Tower for internship events.

The second day of orientation was even better than the first. We spent time discussing Lean Six Sigma and Excel. For any OSU Freshman who gripes about CSE 2111 – make sure you learn the material! Throughout the entire Excel learning session I was surprised by how much I remembered. Even in my first few days of actual work I was very thankful for having the Excel knowledge that I received from CSE 2111!

My favorite part of orientation was when we were issued our badges. Even though it is just a piece of plastic with a picture on it; to me it symbolized my syndication into Key for the summer. Even though the summer has just begun, I am optimistic that this may be the best one yet!


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Opinions expressed are those of the speakers and do not necessarily represent those of KeyBank

Don’t Get Stuck in the “Intern” Mindset

As an intern, it’s no secret that we are definitely on the low end of the corporate totem pole at work. However, it can be easy to stay in the “I’m only an intern” mindset and have that affect your work. For example, I went on a site visit to a Target Optical store with my manager this past week, and when we were introducing ourselves to the store team member, I introduced myself as: “Hi, I’m Heather. I’m interning for Emily”. At which point Emily pushed off my comment saying, “No, you’re Heather from marketing at Target Optical”.

This really got me thinking. I told the team member I was an intern because:

  1. I am , and
  2. To establish the fact that I was new and not as experienced as the small group I was with.

The second reason is not necessarily a good one.

If you stay in the intern mindset, you might think of yourself as less knowledgeable and maybe even less capable than your co-workers in some instances which prevents you from voicing your opinions and ideas at work. You were hired by your company to express your ideas and to help the business grow; just because you are newer to the company doesn’t mean your thoughts on business strategy or on anything else are any less relevant.

Once I started thinking of myself as “Heather from marketing” instead of “Heather the intern” I took myself a lot more seriously at work and became a lot more strategic about my projects. Thinking of myself as an actual employee instead of an intern is helping me get so much more out of my experience at Luxottica.

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Hello Again 5AM.

I am working in a Distribution Center at L Brands that runs on 2 shifts, which we call AM and PM. My shift begins at 6AM Monday-Friday, which means I leave my apartment at 5:30, 4 entire hours before my earliest class in the fall.

The first week was definitely the hardest one. My body wasn’t used to waking up before the sun was even starting to come up. I have since adjusted to my new schedule, but it has definitely required some changes to my routine.

  • I turn the light on as soon as my alarm goes off. If I lie back down in the dark, I’ll go back to sleep and that’s just bad news.
  • I make toast with peanut butter and a banana every morning. A lot of people skip breakfast in lieu of sleeping in longer, but eating makes the rest of the morning much more manageable. It also gives me something to look forward to.
  • Coffee is a must. That’s all.
  • Going to bed early is necessary. I am usually asleep by 10pm, and some times it’s still light out. This has been the hardest part, especially when the Cavs games don’t start until 9pm!

This definitely isn’t the favorite part of my job, but I figure if I can get up that early and still enjoy my job every day, then I’m at the right company.

Early morning fun fact: The lights on Summit Street aren’t even turned on at 5AM. They all blink yellow, which makes the commute even quicker than normal (There isn’t much traffic at that time either).