MLHR or MHRM? So which is it?

If you go to the website for the MLHR program, you’ll note that the program is referred to as “MLHR” or Master of Labor & Human Resources. However, if you start your application and/or look over the new brochure, you’ll see the program referred to as “MHRM” or Master of Human Resource Management.

So which is it?

Officially, the name of the program is MLHR. The name change has been approved by all required parties at The Ohio State University (e.g. the Graduate School, the Office on Academic Affairs, etc.) but the name change must be ultimately be approved by the Ohio Board of Regents which oversees all public universities in Ohio. The name change will be approved – it is just a matter of when. Because we are allowed only one change to the application form each year and we needed to order enough re-designed brochures to last us up to two years, we wanted to ensure those items reflected the new name that will be approved. (In other words, the application form and new brochures reflect the new name of the program in advance of the official approval.)

I cannot tell you exactly when this will be approved – my best guess is that it will happen by the end of calendar year 2012. The current MLHR website will be changed/updated after the name change is approved by the Ohio Board of Regents. It will not happen immediately but we will work on making these changes as soon as the name change is officially approved by the Ohio Board of Regents.

All of this reminds me of a classic song written by the Gershwin Brothers


Summit Vision, 2011

The current Fisher MLHR students recently participated in some team building exercises at Summit Vision, a local organization that puts together team building and corporate development activities. By participating, the students got first hand experience on developing and managing team building exercises. In the not-so-distant future, many current students will be HR professionals who, in turn, may need to put together, manage, and run team building exercises at their places of employment. I think everyone who participated agrees – this was a *great* experience for everyone involved!

Additional photos can be found here and here.

What it means to be a Buckeye

The Fisher College of Business is part of The Ohio State University. What’s it like to be an Ohio State Buckeye? Watch this and find out!

[youtube cyWqJAevLv4]

Prerequisites? Nope. Any major welcome!

Not all graduate human resources (“HR”) programs are the same when it comes to necessary prerequisite coursework. When you’re investigating graduate HR programs, be sure to check into each program’s prerequisites.

A common question we receive is on the Fisher/Ohio State MLHR program’s prerequisite courses – specifically, does it have any? The Fisher MLHR program is designed for strong and qualified students who are interested in graduate level study of HR. We expect to see three or four social science courses completed on your academic transcripts at time of application – however, we have yet to see anyone apply to this program who has not completed at least three social science courses, regardless of his/her undergraduate major. (See here for a partial list of social science disciplines.)

Are there any other (i.e. non-social science) courses that you should have on your transcript at time of application? Beyond the three or four social scienceĀ  courses described above, it might be helpful if you take a basic statistics course prior to enrollment if you are admitted. (Whether you take this course prior to or after applying is up to you.) All admitted Fisher MLHR students are required to complete a two course sequence in statistics as part of the degree requirements. Taking a basic statistics course prior to enrollment is not required – but it might help you be better prepared for this portion of the program.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask!