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Floating Angel

Floating Angel
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Oil on canvas, 74" x 60"
Dining Room 002





Robert Striffolino was born in New York City and raised on Long Island. In 1974 he received a degree in architecture from Ohio University. Although essentially self-taught, Striffolino studied painting with the noted American landscapist Wolf Kahn. His painting focuses on landscape, especially the streams, fields, and forests of New Mexico. He also paints the brilliant fall foliage of New England.

Striffolino's landscape painting has been exhibited nationwide. His work was featured in the magazines Art of the West and Focus/Santa Fe in 1996.



A successfully executed painting must reach beyond the abstract or representational into an intimate spirituality brought about by an individual way of seeing things. In that unique expression is something that relates to the human experience. Color is the highest and most subjective element of painting, but the real subject matter of my work is its emotional content. I try to locate an intense feeling about something, whether it is the physical dynamics of a particular location or the juxtaposition of colors or the light. Then I explore it further on canvas and journey with it, trying to understand it more fully.

Floating Angel was the final part of a series of six paintings. They were all backlit and had a similar color scheme and composition.


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