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Oil on paper, 37 1/2" x 30"
Marketing Reception 500





Marti Steffy's landscape painting is filled with color and light and achieves its energy from the animated brushstrokes in the composition. Color and pattern are the important elements in her work. Although Steffy sometimes works plein air (outside and on location, in the French manner) she often composes her works from memory in her downtown Columbus studio. Steffy received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Ohio State. Her work can be found in many private collections in Central Ohio.



Most of my work is about painting landscapes, although I also paint figures. I am not at all interested in reproducing a realistic landscape, but rather one that is playful, surprising, and creates a mood. My method of painting is quite intuitive and imaginary, although I sometimes refer to sketches and photos of places where I have been. My strongest area of interest is in exploring colors. I have been influenced by the light and color of the south of France and by the French painters Bonnard and Vuillard.


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