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higher resolution 74 Kb

Heat transfer print, 36" x 83"
Reception Area 200





Phyllis Seltzer developed a heat-transfer technique, showcased in an award-winning documentary video, that enables her to make multiple-edition printings of her paintings.



For the past decade I have produced mostly "scapes" on gessoed rag and on canvas. They have consisted of studies of cities and industry, which are oftentimes hidden, obscured from non-city dwellers' and workers' vision and even their thoughts. Obscure mills of dark steel and tall steam-producing stacks become vibrant architectural giants; buildings in cities with little true personality come alive through the use of a vivid palette. While the subject matter is recognizable, my concern is with the surface of the paintings and the abstract qualities that can come from organizing the colors and texture on the canvas. Large works are often conceived in sections. The painting is the matrix for the print and should work on several levels.

I haven't any plans in the coming millennium of changing my printing technique -- unless it would be to utilize digitized imagery. I am constantly learning new things by painting and printing. For me, that is the excitement.


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