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Fisher College of Business

Fisher College of Business
higher resolution 51 Kb

Digital photograph, acrylic,
copper wire, 48" x 96"

Faculty and Staff Lounge 155

Details: Digital photograph, acrylic, copper wire, each 20" x 24"

Center for Real Estate Education and Research, Reception 255

Supply Chain Management Research Group, Reception 351

Center for Business Performance Management, Reception 355

Center for International Business Education and Research,
Reception 356

Center for Excellence in Manufacturing Management, Reception 660




Richard Petry is chair of the Photography and Digital Imaging Department at Columbus College of Art and Design. He combines photography and collage to create illusionist elements that appear to float above a layered background. He also constructs wall installations of words formed out of bent metal and connected with monofilament. His "word curtains" play on the emotional and intellectual meanings of the words.



The large mural for the Fisher College is a product of a partnership with the college. Details specific to five research groups attempt to capture the diversity and energy of study and work at the college. Starting with material provided by members of the faculty and staff, a digital collage was produced. A print of this computer-generated image was photographed, with additional material added. From this large-format negative the final 4' x 8' print was produced. The mural print was masked and painted on the surface. Words made of copper wire were added to the surface of the print.


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