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Short North (View from East Lincoln Street)

Short North
(View from East Lincoln Street)
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Watercolor on paper, 26" x 40"
Nationwide Honors Lounge 311





Thomas McNickle paints the land. Not unlike the Hudson River painters of a century and a half ago, he sees in the land more than the magnificence of natural vistas. His small paintings are done on location; his large watercolors are created in the studio from sketches, memory, and photographs. He likes to work rapidly, relying on his concentration and technical ability to produce a representational image with limited strokes.



Every painting, for me, begins with light. The assumption is that all color is contained within the light. Every scene is a specific time and place, not in terms of people, buildings, and objects, but rather in terms of the specific way the light defines those elements at the moment of the painting.

In Short North, it was a great opportunity to capture the movement and energy of the scene as it was enveloped in the afternoon light.


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