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Environs of Pamajera II

Environs of Pamajera II
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Watercolor, 29" x 40"
Reception Area 200





Alex McKibbin paints exuberant watercolors characterized by an abstract expressionist approach to landscape that fills the paper with lively brushwork. His noted technique has been profiled and reproduced in numerous publications including The Encyclopedia of Watercolour Landscape Techniques, Splash I, and Painting Shapes and Edges. His paintings can be found in many public collections, including those of Pomona College, Claremont, California; Springfield (Missouri) Museum; Cincinnati Art Museum; and Des Moines (Iowa) Art Center.



I view the Pamajera series as an example of expressive
documentation -- a record of what was sensed and felt, a sort of motor empathy with the linear rhythms, weight, and tensions of the elements observed, as opposed to just the setting down of many optical surfaces. This empathetic technique helps promote an emphasis on movement, energy, vitality, immediacy, rhythm, pulse, vibration, etc., as opposed to the freeze-dried-world appearance of some landscapists. Coloristically, the Venetians have been most important to me, particularly in their use of deep rich luminous structural color.


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