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Hagerty Hall, the Oval, and Fisher College of Business

Hagerty Hall, the Oval,
and Fisher College of Business
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Ceramic, each 22" x 20"
Development and External Affairs
Reception 101





Thomas Lollar has been creating clay murals professionally for more than 10 years. He hand-builds his murals, which depict architectural and geographical themes in bas-relief or with aerial views, and uses copper, bronze, and platinum metallic paints and glazes to achieve unique surface colors. Lollar heads the ceramics department at Columbia University. His work has been cited in numerous ceramics publications, including Sculpting Clay and American Craft Magazine. Among his many commissions are those for Daiwa Bank of Osaka, Japan; Commonwealth Edison, Chicago; and Upjohn Company headquarters, Kalamazoo, Michigan.



My clay murals and sculpture depict serial views of cities, with a particular interest in urban design juxtaposed with natural boundaries, for example, cities fronting on lakes and rivers and other natural geographic associations. The murals and sculpture evoke the response of identification with a particular location, style of architecture, or era. My murals are commissioned with a keen desire to have a new building or landmark structure be seen within the context of a larger, more interrelated environment.


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