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People Go To Work

People Go to Work (detail)
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Blown glass, steel, and neon, 36" x 192" x 18"
Bank One Graduate Student Lounge 236





Ruth King is an exhibiting artist and assistant professor of art at Ohio State. She has been working with glass since 1978 and has acquired expertise through traditional apprenticeship experiences with many American and Venetian glass maestros. King's work ranges from larger installations using neon, glass, and steel to freeform blown and sculpted works dealing with the figure. Her work is included in the Corning Museum collection.



To me, hats express identity and occupation. I can remember in kindergarten being shown pictures of firemen's, policemen's, and nurses' hats and being asked to choose an occupation. What makes People Go to Work significant to the Fisher College, I hope, is that in our culture, our occupations become essential to our identities.

Glassmakers don't usually wear hats but there is a tradition of glass hat making. Miniatures of hats and other types of objects are made by glass workers in factories on their lunch breaks as gifts for friends and family.


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