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Rt. 59

Rt. 59
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Pastel on paper, 24" x 36"
Reception Area 200





Many of Ohio artist David King's pastels are interpretations of the Midwestern suburban landscape at dawn or dusk. King uses intense color and deep shadows to convey atmosphere. His facility to recreate a specific moment has earned him a number of awards.

King studied with noted Ohio pastelists Doug Unger and Charles Basham. His work is featured in the collections of Aetna Insurance and the Ohio Education Association, Columbus, and the Parkersburg (West Virginia) Art Center.



My work is about landscapes viewed from the road. These works contain natural and artificial light and color during the moment of the day's transition from night to day or vice versa. The modern landscape is primarily observed through moving vehicles as we commute from home to work and back home again. This transition repeats itself in the dawning and setting of light in nature. As I drive to work and watch the sun rise, I also experience a personal transition from rest to activity. This personal transition is heightened through the observation of natural forms which slowly emerge as night recedes.


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