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Pin Hammered Copper

Pin Hammered Copper
higher resolution 48Kb

Lusterware, 20" x 8"
Executive Suite 9th Floor




Michael Gubkin

Michael Gubkin received his MA and MFA
degrees from the University of Iowa, and is an
experienced potter of more than 30 years. He has
exhibited in numerous shows both nationally and internationally, and among the many awards he has received are the Special Judges Award, 2nd International Ceramics Competition, Mino, Japan, and the Award of Excellence, Ohio Designer Craftsmen, Columbus, Ohio. His ceramic work was included in the juried exhibition, Best of 1999, at the Ohio Craft Museum. Gubkin’s work is in a number of permanent collections including the Canton Museum of Art, Goodyear International Center, and the Westinghouse International Corporate Center.
Gubkin uses his own formulated clay body and unique glazes. He works both in stoneware and lusterware and has created a unique and distinct style within both media.



My interest in fossils, ancient glass, and classic forms led to my most recent works in lusterware; ‘alchemic’ experiments coupled with much desire, produced unique glazes and clay bodies. A search for timeless flowing event challenged me to produce a finely balanced marriage between glaze, décor, and form. Elusive polychromatic reflective surfaces enhance its ever loving partner – the physical ceramic earth-bound vessel.


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