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2 Spheres

2 Spheres
higher resolution 64Kb

Computer-generated Cibachrome print, 48" x 65"
South Corridor, Second Floor





An Ohio State emeritus professor, Charles Csuri is internationally recognized as a pioneer in computer graphics and art. His research activity in computer animation and graphics has received international recognition and acclaim, including support from the National Science Foundation, the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, and the Navy. Cranston/Csuri Productions, which he co-founded, produced animation for all three major U.S. television networks and commercial clients. In 1995 Csuri was featured in the cover article for Smithsonian Magazine. His work has been exhibited at, among other venues, the Smithsonian Institution and the Institute for Contemporary Art in London. He is represented in a number of collections, including that of New York's Museum of Modern Art.



I must constantly remind myself, as an artist, my role is to build psychological bridges linking together feelings and shared human experiences. My use of fragmentation is symbolic of chaos or of partial objects and blunted feelings. These bridges must support my effort to express my inner thoughts and feelings about the human spirit. The goal is to achieve a balance between technology and an esthetic domain to make a meaningful artistic statement.


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