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Number Bowl

Number Bowl
higher resolution 88Kb

Glass, 7.5'' x 14'' Diameter




Bridget Boss

Bridget graduated with a BFA with honors in glass and metal sculpture from The New York State College of Art and Design at Alfred University in 1998. In August 2002 she received her Master of Fine Arts in glass from The Ohio State University. She has exhibited nationwide included the William Traver Gallery in Seattle, as well as the Elizabeth Doyle Gallery in Lahaina, Hawaii. Currently, she is a lecturer at The Ohio State University.



The numbers within the piece are derived from my passion for math, and the beauty of the form of different numbers. I include numbers in everything I do, and enjoy making equations which render a mathematical dialogue in the creation of a piece of artwork.
This bowl was a collaboration with Ruth King, my instructor in glass at Ohio State. We used two techniques to create the bowl: grall and incalmo. The grall refers to the bottom half of the bowl that has the number imagery within the layers of glass. This piece was made first and the numbers were rendered from a layer of glass enamel paints which were applied cold. We then picked up the grall on a pipe and gathered glass on top of it, and joined it with a solid colored bubble, which created a colored band on the rim of the bowl. Incalmo refers to the joining of two separate bubbles to make one piece.


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