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L'Echange Internationale

L'Echange Internationale
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Mixed media on board, 38" x 58"
Klatskin Undergraduate Student Lounge 219





While attending the University of Cincinnati, Calista Bockenstette received an Elizabeth Meta Wolfstein Travel Grant to study in Italy. Upon graduating cum laude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting, she won Certificates of Achievement from the American Association of University Women for painting and poetry. Bockenstette's work is represented in many corporate and private collections including those of the Princess Jawaher Bint Majed Bin Abjulaziz of Saudi Arabia; Andersen Consulting, Chicago; and the Cinergy Foundation, Cincinnati.



Business expertise is an art as well as a science. A grid format seemed an appropriate way of expressing this diversity. The age of communication has made international business an integral part of this curriculum. I asked several foreign businesspersons to describe their countries' attitudes about trading with the United States, then incorporated their responses with designs from the art of their countries. I spiked the grid with symbols of our strides in business from earlier in this century, as well as many images that I hope will be identified with the present. I have established two leitmotifs: Ohio State University's beautiful Oval and the hawk that resided in the attic of Hagerty Hall for many years.


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