The Art of Leadership
Fisher College of Business



higher resolution 65Kb

Mixed media on board, 40" x 42"
Executive Dining Room 102





Mary Beam has written about her watercolor techniques in several books. She teaches her techniques at seminars throughout the United States.



Flowers convey many symbolic themes to the viewer. They innately present a feeling of beauty. But they may speak to some about the fragility of life. Since I hope to convey universal human responses in my work, I often portray flowers as a symbol of my hope in renewal and rebirth. This painting was executed with fluid pigments which speak to the transference of energy in a direct manner to the paper. This is my way of addressing the spirit of the viewer, so spirit speaks to spirit. I attempted to render a narrow focus to direct the viewer's attention specifically to the subject involved without his being distracted by superfluous activity. I particularly enjoy painting wildflowers, which bring us joy without excess pampering by a gardener. They are becoming rare.


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