VISION and VOICES - An Introduction

In a year of fast-paced change and unprecedented economic challenges, Fisher College of Business boldly moved forward with strong voices and visionary leadership. Fisher's distinctive voice was heard not only on campus, but inside corporate board rooms, on blogs and news broadcasts - and even in the Oval Office.

With its academic programs tied to real business challenges, Fisher is a critical part of the national dialogue that is shaping how leaders of industry, academia and government can move forward together. The college continues to attract some of the best students and faculty in the world as it prepares the next generation of business leaders to think more broadly, more critically and more relevantly.

Fisher's newest voice is Dean Christine Poon, a former Johnson & Johnson executive, and the first dean for Fisher to come directly from the private sector. Joined by Fisher's seasoned faculty members, and its dynamic student body, Dean Poon hopes to take the college's reputation for teaching and research excellence to the next level.

Dynamic. Fast adapting. In touch. Fisher College of Business.