Turning Ideas Into Business

Fisher’s Research and Business Partnership Centers create the intellectual innovations that fuel business growth around the world. Many of the nation’s most forward thinking companies turn to Fisher faculty for new ideas and business solutions. Our 10 research centers support teaching, research and development and provide a professional forum for exchange between faculty, students and the corporate community.

Center for Entrepreneurship

Fisher offers one of the most opportunistic entrepreneurship educational and outreach programs in the world integrating state-of-the-art educational programs with economic development strategies to retain the best talent, create quality jobs and sustain economic growth and vitality. The expertise of world-class faculty coupled with an aggressive interdisciplinary curriculum creates real-word opportunities for students such as Lee Mosbacker, who recently launched Traycer Diagnostic Systems, an exciting new company advancing ground breaking solutions in the fight against breast and skin cancer.

S. Michael Camp, academic director
Jay B. Barney, Bank One Chair for Excellence in Corporate Strategy
Sharon A. Alvarez, assistant professor of entrepreneurship
David Greenberger, chair, Management and Human Resources, associate professor
Judy Tansky, senior lecturer, Social Enterprise Program
Daniel Olgevee, senior lecturer
Steven Dickstein, senior lecturer
Tom Harvey, adjunct faculty
Artie Isaacs, adjunct faculty
Todd Barnum, adjunct faculty

Center for Business Performance Management

As global corporate players demand more of their leaders, this center—the first of its kind of its kind in the United States—helps firms improve their decision making and implementation through optimization of people, process and technology. Strategic worldwide alliances support the center’s mission and stakeholder community.

Richard Dietrich, academic director
John Hemenway, director

Real Estate Education and Research

Fisher’s Center for Real Estate Education and Research brings real estate practice and theory to business education, partnering with real estate practitioners, faculty and students to prompt dialogue on real estate issues, establish mentorship opportunities and provide a forum for cutting-edge research for the real estate industry.

Anil Makhija, academic director
Ken Gold, director

Center for Operational Excellence

Fisher’s Center for Operational Excellence brings continuous improvement to the forefront for companies, providing programs focused on excellence in operations strategy and great business performance. This unique and successful partnership of business leaders and Fisher faculty provides programs focused on innovation, supply chain management, leadership and continuous improvement and is a forum for sharing ideas, processes and experiences.

Peg Pennington, executive director
Peter Ward, co-director
John Dix, co-director
Robin Rasor-Thompson, administrative director
Andrea Prud’homme, associate director
Nancy K. Lahmers, director, Women’s Leadership initiatives

Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER)

Funded by the U.S. Department of Education and one of only 31 such centers nationwide, Fisher’s Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) provides a supportive framework for global teaching, outreach and research initiatives. CIBER helps companies grow their global network, skills and profit through the TARGET (To Aim and Realize Global Expansion Together) program, hosts an annual international case challenge bringing teams of undergraduate students from around the world to Fisher’s campus each year, and hosts the Distinguished International Speaker Series. CIBER also manages Fisher’s more than 30 exchange partnerships with top business schools around the world, supports language learning for students and coordinates the field study components of the Emerging Marketing Field Study and Micro Enterprise courses and the Elective Treks program.

Stephen M. Hills, academic director
Melissa Torres, director

Charles A. Dice Center for Financial Economics

This center promotes high-quality research in financial economics at Ohio State, dedicated to supporting junior and senior faculty.

Rene M. Stulz, academic director

Global Supply Chain Forum

With the leadership of Fisher researchers and corporate executives, The Global Supply Chain Forum (GSCF) has a global mission to change how executives view supply chain management. The GSCF supply chain management model stresses relationship management and eight cross-functional and cross-firm processes. It is not a business function but rather a new Business Model. Seminars are designed for executives interested in competing through relationship management and cross-functional integration. Offered through Fisher’s top-ranked Executive Education program, seminars have been offered in North and South America, Australasia, Asia and Europe.

Douglas M. Lambert, Ph.D., director and Raymond E. Mason Chair in Transportation and Logistics

Initiative for Managing Services

Our Initiative for Managing Services focuses on adding services to a manufacturing repertoire, competing in a pure-play services environment and making customer service profitable for its partner companies by connecting them with people, process and technology to deliver a fully integrated business solution. Our faculty experts offer fresh insights and innovative ideas to increase the productivity of organizations, create customer loyalty, develop a brand, win new business and maximize revenue opportunities.

Neeli Bendapudi, executive director
Michael Smith, director
David Greenberger, faculty fellow

Nationwide Center for Advanced Customer Insights

The Nationwide Center for Advanced Customer Insights (NCACI) is a marketing research center developed as a partnership between Nationwide Insurance Company , The Ohio State University and Fisher College of Business. The center conducts insurance and financial product marketing research using state-of-the-art predictive modeling, data mining and advanced analytical techniques that improve Nationwide’s understanding of consumer behavior and purchasing patterns. The center manages both applied business projects involving the application of existing theory, and methodologies and seminal research projects involving the development of new theories to solve specific marketing problems.

Tom Bishop, director
Neeli Bendapudi, academic advisor

Supply Chain Management Research Group

The Supply Chain Management Research Group conducts relevant business research in Supply Chain Management, supporting valuable organizations, students and faculty. Research is focused on increasing knowledge in the public domain in the form of working papers, presentations and publications. Supporting organizations have access to research findings and viewpoints from working closely with research teams formed around specific topics.

In Their Own Words

Mark Sheppard, vice president of process improvement, Aggreco discusses the impact of the process improvement program developed by the Center for Operational Excellence has hand on the company's internal processes.

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