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Editorial Activity
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Accounting & MIS
Anil Arya with Jonathan Glover, “Option Value to Waiting Created by a Control Problem,” Journal of Accounting Research, forthcoming; with Jonathan Glover and Uday Rajan, “Implementation in Principal-Agent Models of Adverse Selection,” Journal of Economic Theory.

William F. Bentz, Test Bank in Hartman, Harper, Knoblett and Reckers (eds.), Intermediate Accounting, third edition.

John Butler with J. Jia and J.S. Dyer, “Generalized Disappointment Models,” Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, forthcoming; with D. Morrice and P. Mallarkey, “A Multiple Attribute Utility Theory Approach to Ranking and Selection,” Management Science, forthcoming.

P.C. Chu with Eric Spires, “Does Time Constraint on Users Negate the Efficacy of Decision Support Systems?” Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, forthcoming.

J. Richard Dietrich with S. Kachelmeier, D. Kleinmuntz and T. Linsmeier, “An Experimental Examination of Forward-Looking, Non-Financial Performance Disclosures,” Journal of Accounting Research, forthcoming; with M.S. Harris and K.A. Muller III, “The Reliability of Investment Property Fair Value Estimates,” Journal of Accounting and Economics.

Peter Easton, “Economic Value Added and Accounting Value Added,” Review of Accounting Studies, forthcoming; with M. Alciaatore and N. Spear, “Accounting for the Impairment of Long-Lived Assets: Evidence from the Petroleum Industry,” Journal of Accounting and Economics.

John C. Fellingham with Anil Arya, J. Glover, G. Strang and Doug Schroeder, “Inferring Transactions from Financial Statements,” Contemporary Accounting Research; with Anil Arya and Doug Schroeder, “Estimating Transactions Given Balance Sheets and an Income Statement,” Issues in Accounting Education.

Daniel Jensen, Marquis G. Eaton, A Collection of His Writings, edited with E.N. Coffman; “T. Coleman Andrews: Crusader for Accountability in Government,” Accounting, Business, and Financial History.

Waleed Muhanna, “Competing with E-Commerce in the Real Estate Brokerage Industry: An Empirical Assessment,” Journal of Real Estate Practice and Education; with J. Jiang and G. Klein, “User Resistance and Strategies for Promoting Acceptance across System Types,” Information and Management.

Richard Murdock with R. Stephens, “The Changing Practice of Compilation and Review,” The Ohio CPA Journal.

Jinhan Pae with G.A. Feltham, “Analysis of the Impact of Accounting Accruals on Earnings Uncertainty and Response Coefficients,” Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance.

Douglas A. Schroeder with Anil Arya, John Fellingham and J. Glover, “Fibonacci Properties of a Tridiagonal Matrix,” Fibonacci Quarterly.

Eric E. Spires with P.C. Chu, “The Joint Effects of Effort and Quality on Decision Strategy Choice with Computerized Decision Aids,” Decision Sciences.

Siew Hong Teoh with David Hirshleifer, “Using Psychology to Explain Market Moves,” Optimus, forthcoming; with T.J. Wong, “Why New Issues and High-accrual Firms Under-perform: the Role of Analysts’ Credulity,” Review of Financial Studies, forthcoming.

Lawrence A. Tomassini with David Spiceland and James Sepe, Intermediate Accounting, second ed.; COACH CD-ROM.

David D. Williams with K. Menon, “Long-Term Trends in Audit Fees,” Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory.

Richard A. Young with Kristina Zvinakis and S. Schwartz, “Reputation without Repeated Interaction: A Role for Public Disclosure,” Review of Accounting Studies; “Discussion of ‘Accounting Recognition, Moral Hazard, and Communication,’” Contemporary Accounting Research.

Kristina Zvinakis with F. Phillips and K. Morris, “Baywatch International: A Capstone Case for Introductory Financial Accounting,” Issues in Accounting Education.

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