Jan Jindra, PHD 2000
“Fisher College's infrastructure complements and reinforces the professional environment here. The technology supports cutting-edge research by the college's accomplished faculty and students, and provides an atmosphere that is conducive to stimulating discussions. My academic research and classroom teaching both benefited."






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Mason and Fisher Halls
The key is connectivity:
Fisher's technology

enhances the classroom experience

Gigabit ethernet backbone. Architected storage area network. Fiber channel multicasting. These complicated names form the invisible backbone of the new Fisher campus. Beyond the beauty of the classrooms and buildings, the college’s state-of-the-art technology infrastructure enables faculty and students to extend their research, teaching and learning to the entire world.

Nearly 4,000 live network connections were designed into classrooms, breakout rooms, the business library and student lounge areas. “Smart” podiums control each classroom’s lighting, sound and dedicated computer and multimedia equipment. Berry Auditorium even features wireless multi-language translation.

Computer labs in Gerlach and Mason halls allow students to view full screen video— on demand—of case studies and assigned movies. Course web sites feature online assignments, quizzes and interactive threaded discussions that explore critical business issues. Some professors even offer “virtual” office hours.

“These technologies enlarge and enhance the classroom experience,” explains David Greenberger, chair of the Department of Management and Human Resources and director of Computing and Communications Services.

Satellite connections and three video-conferencing facilities are already in use in Fisher, Gerlach and Pfahl halls… sometimes simultaneously. For example, the college’s Management Certificate Program joins executives at locations throughout Ohio for live, face-to-face interaction with faculty and peers. A customized Executive Education offering delivers supply chain management programs to Andersen Consulting executives in Los Angeles and beyond.

“Asynchronous broadband streaming” may not be in the daily vocabulary of Fisher faculty and students. But every day the college’s technology infrastructure allows them to learn about and solve the business challenges of the new millennium.

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