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Selected Highlights
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Faculty Publications

Accounting & MIS
Anil Arya with J. Glover and U. Rajan, “Implementation in Principal–Agent Models of Adverse Selection,” Journal of Economic Theory, forthcoming; with J. Glover, “Option Value to Waiting Created by a Control Problem,” Journal of Accounting Research, forthcoming.

P.C. Chu with Eric E. Spires, “The Joint Effects of Effort and Quality on Decision Strategy Choice with Computerized Decision Aids,” Decision Sciences, forthcoming; “A Framework for Conceptualizing Business Use of Internet,” International Journal of Management.

Peter D. Easton with P. Shroff and G. Taylor, “Permanent and Transitory Earnings, Accounting Recording Lag and the Earnings Coefficient,” Review of Accounting Studies, forthcoming; “Forecasts of Profitability and The Pricing of Shares: Is the Dow Jones Industrial Average Over-priced?” Maandblad voor Accountancy en Bedrijfsecononomie, forthcoming.

John C. Fellingham with Anil Arya,
J. Glover and K. Sivaramakrishnan, “Capital Budgeting, the Hold-up Problem, and Information System Design,” Management Science, forthcoming.

Daniel L Jensen with S. E. Morecroft and E. N. Coffman, “T. Coleman Andrews: Crusader for Accountability in Government,” in Accounting, Business and Financial History; edited with E. N. Coffman, Philip L. Defliese: A Collection of His Writings, Accounting Hall of Fame Series, The Ohio State University.

Victoria Mitchell with R. Zmud, “The Effects of Coupling IT and Work Process Strategies in Redesign Projects,” Organization Science.
Barrie Nault with M.B. Vandenbosch, “Disruptive Technologies: Explaining Entry in Next Generation Markets,” Information Systems Research, forthcoming.

Kirk L. Philipich
with P.S. Sohn and J. Hassell, “Intra Day Stock Price Reaction to Management Earnings Forecasts,” Journal of Accounting and Finance Research, forthcoming.

Douglas A. Schroeder with Anil Arya and John C. Fellingham, “Accounting Information, Aggregation and Discriminant Analysis,” Management Science, forthcoming.

Siew Hong Teoh with A. McWilliams and D. Siegel, “Issues in the Use of the Event Study Methodology: A Critical Analysis of Corporate Social Responsibility Studies,” Organizational Research Methods.

Lawrence A. Tomassini with J. D. Spiceland and J. Sepe, Intermediate Accounting, second edition, Irwin/McGraw-Hill; with J. D. Spiceland and J. Sepe, COACH: An Interactive CD for Intermediate Accounting, Irwin/McGraw-Hill.

David D. Williams
with K. Menon, “Error Cost and Auditors’ Termination Decision,” Journal of Accounting, Auditing & Finance.

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