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Selected Highlights
Editorial Activity

Selected Highlights for 2000

The Fisher College of Business houses the largest critical mass, among all North American universities, of faculty expertise on management research on China, according to an article to appear in the Journal of Business Research in 2001. Globally, the college comes in second only to the University of Hong Kong. Oded Shenkar, Ford Motor Company Designated Chair in Global Business Management, was ranked first, and Mike Peng, assistant professor of management and human resources, was ranked eighth.

René Stulz concluded an unprecedented 12-year term as editor of the Journal of Finance. Bob Burnkrant, chair of the Marketing Department, concluded his three-year term as editor of the Journal of Consumer Research in January. Both journals were housed at the Fisher College of Business.

W.C. Benton, Jr. was selected as one of 12 leading purchasing experts by the National Association of Purchasing Management.

Roy J. Lewicki was president of the International Association of Conflict Management and was named editor of the Academy of Management Learning Journal, a new journal to begin publication in 2002.

Paul Nutt, professor of management sciences, was named a fellow of the Decision Sciences Institute, and his paper, “Surprising but True: Half of Organizational Decisions Fail,” was selected as one of three finalists for the best article published in Academy of Management Executives in 1999.

A new textbook and multimedia CD by Lawrence A. Tomassini, Ernst & Young Faculty Scholar and professor of accounting and MIS, entitled Intermediate Accounting (second edition), has been adopted at more than 100 universities across the country. Co-authors are J. David Spiceland and James F. Sepe; publisher, The McGraw-Hill Companies.

Jean Helwege -

Jean Helwege,
Assistant Professor of Finance

“There were many pluses for joining the Fisher College faculty—the quality of my colleagues, a nice balance of research and teaching, and a lovely community for my family. And then there is the wonderful Fisher campus itself. Not only are the offices fabulous, but the classrooms that we teach in are terrific—chalk-free boards, beautiful wood surroundings, comfortable furniture and great equipment.

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