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Faculty Publications
--1999 Annual Report--
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Anil Arya with Jonathan Glover and Shyam Sunder, "Earnings Management and the Revelation Principle," Review of Accounting Studies 3, 1998.

Anil Arya with John C. Fellingham and Jonathan Glover, "Capital Budgeting: Some Exceptions to the NPV Rule," Issues in Accounting Education, August 1998.

Pai-Cheng Chu, Eric E. Spires, Toshiyuki Sueyoshi, "Cross-Cultural Differences in Choice Behavior and Use of Decision Aids: A Comparison of Japan and the United States, " Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 77, 2, February 1999.

Pai-Cheng Chu, "A Framework for Conceptualizing Business Use of Internet," International Journal of Management, forthcoming.

Peter D. Easton, "Valuation of Permanent Earnings, Transitory and Price-Irrelevant Components of Reported Earnings," Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance, 1998.

Peter D. Easton, "Discussion of Revalued Financial, Tangible, and Intangible Assets: Association with Share Prices and Non Market-based Value Estimates," Journal of Accounting Research, 1998.

Waleed A. Muhanna with A. Kumar and R. Patterson, "Mean-Variance Analysis of the Performance of Spatial Ordering Methods," International Journal of Geographical Information Science, Vol. 12, No. 3, 1998.

Waleed A. Muhanna with J. Jiang and G. Klein, "User Resistance and Strategies for Promoting Acceptance Across System Types," Information and Management, forthcoming.

Finance Publications

Deborah A. Ballam, The Ohio Real Estate Legal Update Manual, 11th ed.

Jean Helwege, "The Slope of the Credit Yield Curve for Speculative-Grade Issuers," (with Turner), Journal of Finance, forthcoming.

Jean Helwege, "How Long Do Junk Bonds Spend in Default?" Journal of Finance, 1999.

Patric H. Hendershott, with C. Ward, N. French, "Pricing Upwards-Only Rent Review Clauses: An International Perspective," Journal of Property Valuation & Investments, 16.

Patric H. Hendershott, T. Berger, P. Englund and B. Turner, "The Capitalization of Interest Subsidies into Swedish House Prices," Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, January 1999.

G. Andrew Karolyi with Stephen Forester, "The Effects of Market Segmentation and Investor Recognition on Asset Prices: Evidence from Foreign Stocks Listing in the U.S.," Journal of Finance, forthcoming, 1999.

G. Andrew Karolyi with John Griffin, "Another Look at the Role of the Industrial Structure of Markets for International Diversification Strategies," Journal of Financial Economics 50, December 1998.

G. Andrew Karolyi and Anthony B. Sanders, "The Variation of Economic Risk Premiums in Real Estate Returns," Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, November 1998.

Anderson, W. Christopher and Anil K. Makhija, "Deregulation, Disintermedia-tion, and Agency Costs of Debt: Evidence from Japan," Journal of Financial Economics, Vol. 51, No. 2, February 1999.

Bernadette Minton and Catherine Schrand, "Does Cash Flow Volatility Affect Firm Value: Its Impact on Discretionary Investment and the Costs of Debt and Equity Financing," Journal of Financial Economics, forthcoming.

Bernadette Minton, Elijah Brewer III and James Moser, "Interest Rate Derivatives and Bank Lending," Journal of Banking and Finance, forthcoming.

Michael L. Smith with C. Arthur Williams, Jr. and Peter C. Young, Risk Management and Insurance, 8th edition, Irwin/McGraw-Hill Book Company, 1998. The publisher has included this book in a group approved for international distribution and agreed with a Polish publisher to allow a translation of the text into Polish.

Michael L. Smith with Soon-Jae Lee, "Property-Casualty Insurance Guaranty Funds and Insurer Vulnerability to Misfortune," Journal of Banking and Finance, forthcoming.

René M. Stulz with Tim Opler, Lee Pinkowitz and Rohan Williamson, "The Determinants and Implications of Corporate Cash Holdings," Journal of Financial Economics, Vol. 52, 1999.

Ralph A. Walkling, "Abnormal Returns to Rivals of Acquisition Targets: A Test of the 'Acquisition Probability Hypothesis'" with Moon H. Song, The Journal of Financial Economics, forthcoming.

Sonya D. Williams-Stanton, "The Underinvestment Problem and Patterns in Bank Lending," Journal of Financial Intermediation, 1998, Vol. 7.

Management and Human Resources Publications

Jeffrey D. Ford, "Producing Change in Socially Constructed Realities: A Conversational Perspective," Journal of Organizational Change Management, 1998.

Jeffrey D. Ford, "Organizational Change as Shifting Conversations," Journal of Organizational Change Management, 1998.

Jerald Greenberg,
"The Parable of the Morgan Effect: On the Cyclical Economics of Scholarly Publishing," Journal of Management Inquiry, in press.

Robert L. Heneman, G.E. Ledford, and M. Gresham, "Compensation and the Changing Nature of Work," in Compensation in Organizations: Progress & Prospects, Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Frontiers of Industrial and Organizational Psychology Series, S. Rynes & B. Gerhart, New Lexington Press, in press.

Robert L. Heneman, M. Gresham, "Linking Appraisals to Compensation and Incentives," in Performance Appraisal: State-of-the-Art Methods for Performance Management, J.W. Smither, ed., Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Professional Practice Series, Jossey-Bass.

Susan L. Josephs with Leslie M. Fine and David Shepherd, "Insights in Sexual Harassment of Salespeople by Customers: The Role of Gender, Experience and Power," Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, Winter 1999.

Howard J. Klein, Wesson, Hollenbeck, & Alge, "Goal Commitment and the Goal Setting Process: Conceptual Clarification and Empirical Synthesis," Journal of Applied Psychology, forthcoming.

Howard J. Klein and Jay S. Kim,"A Field Study of the Influence of Situational Constraints, Leader-Member Exchange, and Goal Commitment on Performance," Academy of Management Journal, Vol. 41, February 1998.

Roy J. Lewicki, David Saunders and John Minton, Negotiation: Readings, Exercises and Cases, 3rd Edition, Irwin-McGraw Hill, 1998.

Roy J. Lewicki, Daniel McAllister and Robert Bies, "Trust and Distrust: New Relationships and Realities," Academy of Management Review, 1998.

Mona Verma Makhija with Alice Stewart, "An Analysis of Risk-taking Perceptions of Managers in Formerly Centrally-Planned versus Free-Market Economies," Advances in International and Comparative Management, JAI Press, July 1998.

Stephen L. Mangum
with Garth Mangum, Andrew Sum, James Callahan, and Neal Fogg, "A Second Chance for the Fourth Chance: A Critique of the Workforce Investment Act of 1998 and a Challenge to State and Local Workforce Investment Boards," Institute for Policy Studies, Johns Hopkins University, 1998.

Stephen L. Mangum with Frank Bennici and Andrew Sum, "The Economic and Social Context of Future Employment and Training Programs," in B. Barnow and C. King (eds.) Improving the Odds: What We Know about the Effectiveness of Training Programs, Urban Institute Press, forthcoming.

Mike W. Peng, Behind the Success and Failure of U.S. Export Intermediaries: Transactions, Agents, and Resources, Quorum Books, 1998.

Mike W. Peng and Anne Ilinitch, "Export Intermediary Firms: A Note on Export Development Research," Journal of International Business Studies, 29 (3), 3rd quarter 1998.

John P. Wanous and Arnon E. Reichers, "Union Elections at the Local Level: The Role Effectiveness of Committee Persons, "Journal of Organizational Behavior, 19, 1998.

Oded Shenkar and Ephraim Yuchtman Yaar, "Reputation, Image, Prestige and Goodwill: An Interdisciplinary Approach To Organizational Standing," Human Relations, 50, 11, 1998.

Oded Shenkar, and Li Jiatao, "Skill Possession and Search Among Prospective Partners in International Cooperative Ventures," Organization Science, 12, 2, 1999.

Alice C. Stewart with Mona Verma Mahkija, "The Impact of Institutional Environments, Organizational Controls and Situational Effects on Risk-Taking Behavior: A Comparison of Managers in the U.S. and Czech Republic," Advances in International Comparative Management, 1998.

John P. Wanous, Arnon E. Reichers, James T. Austin, "Cynicism about Organizational Change: Measurement, Antecedents, and Correlates," Group and Organization Management, forthcoming.

Management Sciences Publications

W.C. Benton Jr. with T.E. Williams and W. Fanning, "What is the Marginal Cost for Marginal Risk I Cardiac Surgery," Annuals of Thoracic Surgery, Vol. 66, 1998.

W.C. Benton, Jr. with Ling Li, "Hospital Capacity Management Decisions: Emphasis on Cost Control and Quality Enhancement," Decision Sciences, forthcoming.

William L. Berry and Martha C. Cooper, "Manufacturing Flexibility: The Impact of Product Variety on Process Industries," Journal of Operations Management, January 1999.

Edward Blocher and William L. Berry, "Cost Management with a Strategic Emphasis: Selected Manufacturing Cases, "Journal of Cost Management, November /December 1998.

David A. Collier and Timothy Baker, "A Comparative Revenue Analysis of Hotel Yield Management Heuristics," Decision Sciences, Vol. 30, No. 1, Winter 1999.

David A. Collier with Susan Meyer, "A Positioning Matrix for Services," International Journal of Operations and Production Management, 1998. This article won the Literati Club Best Paper Award for Excellence 1999.

Paul C. Nutt, "Surprising But True: Half of the Decisions Made By Organizations Fail, "Academy of Management Executives, forthcoming.

Paul C. Nutt, "Evaluating Complex Strategic Choices," Management Science, 44, (8), 1998.

WanSoo T. Rhee, "Tight Bound or Random Intervals Packing," Journal of Applied Probability, Vol. 35, 1998.

WanSoo T. Rhee, "A Note on Packing Random Intervals with Varying Density," Statistics Probability Letters, Vol. 41, 1999.

K. E. Rosing, C.S. ReVelle, David A. Schilling, "A Gamma Heuristic for the p-Median Problem," European Journal of Operations Research, in press, 1999.

David A. Schilling, K.E. Rosing, CS ReVelle, "Network Distance Characteristics that Affect Computational Effort in p-Median Problems," European Journal of Operations Research, in press.

Peter T. Ward and Rebecca Duray, "Manufacturing Strategy in Context: Environment, Competitive Strategy and Manufacturing Strategy," Journal of Operations Management, in press.

Peter T. Ward, John McCreery, Larry Rizman and Deven Sharma, "Competitive Priorities in Operations Management," Decision Sciences, Vol. 29, No.4, Fall 1998.

Marketing Publications

Greg M. Allenby and P. Rossi, "Marketing Models of Consumer Heterogeneity," Journal of Econometrics, forthcoming.

Neeraj Arora, Greg M. Allenby and James L. Ginter, "A Hierarchical Bayes Model of Primary and Secondary Demand," Marketing Science, Vol. 17, 1998.

Janus D. Pagh and Martha C. Cooper, "Supply Chain Postponement and Speculation Strategies: How to Choose the Right Strategy," Journal of Business Logistics, Vol. 19, No. 2, 1998.

Martha C. Cooper and Nikki Gilmore, "Career Patterns of Women in Logistics," Council of Logistics Management Conference Proceedings, 1998. Reprinted in Warehouse & Logistics Best Practices, Adapt Technologies, 1999.

James L. Ginter, with Greg M. Allenby and Neeraj Arora, "On the Heterogeneity of Demand," Journal of Marketing Research, Vol. 35, August 1998.

Curtis P. Haugtvedt, "Consumer Psychology," Encyclopedia of Psychology, American Psychological Association, forthcoming.

H.A. Roehm, Curtis P. Haugtvedt, "Understanding Interactivity in Cyberspace Advertising," Chapter in D.W. Schumann and E. Thorson, eds., Advertising and the World Wide Web, Lawrence Erlbaum, Inc., 1998.

Bernard J. La Londe, "Executing in the Red Zone," Supply Chain Management Review, Spring 1999.

Bernard J. La Londe, "The Quest for Supply Chain Integration," Supply Chain Management Review, Winter 1999.

Douglas M. Lambert, Martha C. Cooper, Janus D. Pagh, "Supply Chain Management: Implementation Issues and Research Opportunities," The International Journal of Logistics Management, Vol. 9, No. 2, 1998.

Douglas M. Lambert, "Building Successful Logistics Partnerships," Journal of Business Logistics, forthcoming.

Robert P. Leone with Greg M. Allenby, Neeli M. Bendapudi, Robert E. Burnkrant, Leslie M. Fine, James L. Ginter, Mark Stiving, and H. Rao Unnava, "Market Segmentation in the 21st Century: Discrete Solutions to Continuous Problems," Seoul Journal of Business, N. 2, Vol. 4, December 1998.

Robert P. Leone with Greg M. Allenby, "A Dynamic Model of Purchase Timing with Application to Direct Marketing," Journal of the American Statistical Association, forthcoming.

Patricia M. West, et al., "Agents to the Rescue?" Marketing Letters, forthcoming.

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