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Research and Business Partnership Groups
--1999 Annual Report--
-Fisher College of Business-
Image-"Knowledge is Power"Image-"Knowledge is Power"
Image-"Knowledge is Power"Image-"Knowledge is Power"

























...CEMM developed a supervisor leadership development program....Global supply chain forum developed a supply chain simulation model for resolving various logistics problems...













































...CITM evaluated Internet strategies for Bank One payment services....CIBER received a 38% increase in federal funding for the 99-00 fiscal year, with re-funding through 2002...


Expanding and transferring knowledge
Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER)

Promotes global learning as it relates to newly emerging countries and markets for U.S. products. Academic Director: Stephen Hills, associate professor of management and human resources; Administrative Director: Cheryl Ryan.


  • Received a 38% increase in federal funding for the 1999-2000 fiscal year, with re-funding through 2002.

  • Hosted W. Arthur Cullman Symposium, featuring global best practices in marketing and strategy of some of the world’s most innovative companies. James Oates, president of LeBurnett, Inc., was the recipient of the 1998 Cullman Executive Award.

  • Hosted a unique gathering of academics and practitioners from around the world to discuss the role language plays in organizational change.

  • Expanded the Fisher College’s series of MBA business-oriented language classes to include Spanish, in addition to Russian, French, German, Japanese and Chinese.

Center for Information Technologies in Management (CITM)

Explores the practical application of information technology in management settings and the classroom. Directors: Waleed Muhanna, associate professor of accounting and MIS; Lawrence Tomassini, professor and chair of accounting and MIS.


  • Launched a Technology in Business Series in partnership with other units at The Ohio State University.
  • Evaluated Internet strategies for Bank One Payment Services.
  • Refined CITM’s online Export Process Assistant, ExPA.
  • Established a media lab for online curricula and learning tools.

Center for Excellence in Manufacturing Management (CEMM)

Provides professional development and educational programs plus opportunities for networking, targeted research, and interaction with the college’s top students. Directors: William Berry, Richard M. Ross Chair in Management and professor of operations management; John Dix, adjunct professor of marketing and founder/president of Business Development Index Limited, Inc.


  • Developed a Supervisor Leadership Development Program.
  • Provided customized comparisons of CEMM members’ performance characteristics with industrial norms.
  • Established an employee retention and recruitment/networking group.
  • Joined other leading universities in a study regarding management of the marketing-manufacturing interface, the nature of interfunctional cooperation and the use of performance metrics.

Center for Real Estate Education and Research

Supports research of interest to Ohio’s real estate industry and assists with mandated education for Ohio real estate licensees. Directors: Ronald Racster, professor emeritus of finance; Anthony Sanders, professor of finance. See feature story: New Horizons

Global Supply Chain Forum

Links senior practitioners and researchers exploring critical issues in customer satisfaction and operational excellence. Director: Douglas M. Lambert, Raymond E. Mason Professor of Transportation and Logistics and professor of marketing.


  • Developed a facilitator’s guide to accompany the forum’s partnership model, which is used by a number of leading corporations to determine when a partnership is appropriate and how that partnership should be structured.

  • Offered nine executive education seminars on improved supply chain performance and held a four-day logistics management program.

Supply Chain Management Research Group

Helps business and industrial clients diagnose, analyze and resolve specific problems. Directors: James L. Ginter, professor of marketing; and Bernard J. La Londe, professor emeritus of marketing.


  • Developed a global supply chain simulation model for resolving logistics problems.

  • Developed a cross-dock delivery model and evaluated costs incurred when customers switch suppliers.

Consortium for Alternative Reward Strategies (CARS)

Explores alternative rewards and structures. Director: Robert Heneman, associate professor of management and human resources.


  • Analyzed data on pay systems used by U.S. companies.

  • Developed a comprehensive analysis of incentive programs’ role in attracting, motivating, and retaining employees.

Charles A. Dice Center for Research in Financial Economics

Promotes excellence in financial economics research. Director: RenÚ M. Stulz, Everett D. Reese Chair of Banking and Monetary Economics and professor of finance.


  • Hosted visiting scholars S÷hnke M. Bartram, University of Koblenz, Germany; Icko Suzuki, London Business School; John Griffin, Arizona State University; Bon-chan Kho, National Seoul University; and Jun-Koo Kang, Korea University.

  • Hosted more than 30 seminars on academic research in finance.

  • Provided more than 20 working papers in print form and on the web.

  • Made substantial investments in new databases regarding institutional investors.

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