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--1999 Annual Report--
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...Last year’s class was the best ever to enter the program, with an average GMAT score of 641 and average work experience of 5.4 years...


Program profile

MBA Program*
Number of applicants: 1,244
Total first year enrollment: 143
Average age: 28
Percentage with work experience: 91.4%
Average years of work experience: 5.4
Average GMAT: 641
Average undergraduate GPA: 3.21
Percent international: 28.6%
Percent minority: 9%
Percent female: 32.9%
*1998 entering class

MBA Highlights

  • Last year’s MBA class was the best ever to enter the program, with an average GMAT score of 641 and average work experience of 5.4 years.

  • The Emerging Markets Field Study class traveled to Argentina, Chile, Hungary and Poland to meet with companies that included IBM, Eaton Corporation, Leo Burnett Worldwide and Hasbro, Inc. The program is in its fifth consecutive year of offering students experience studying multinational companies in emerging market economies.

  • In the Student Investment Management (SIM) class, students managed a portion of the university’s endowment fund, which has more than tripled from an initial portfolio of $5 million to a current market value of $16.75 million. Their work was aided by the technology available in the new Batten Investment Lab that provided easy access to financial information and experts through videoconferencing, individual computer ports and a satellite link with the NASDAQ market site.

  • Business Solution Teams spent two quarters studying and offering recommendations to selected businesses in a hands-on consulting practicum. Students presented business recommendations to Emery Worldwide, Nationwide Insurance, California Fitness Center and other companies on strategies ranging from improving operations to maximizing customer loyalty and retention.

  • First-year MBA students started the program with a unique two-week orientation called Super September Start-Up. Along with traditional orientation activities, students participated in case analysis, plant visits, a Tycoon Simulation, community service and social events.

  • Last year’s MBA Mentoring Program matched 40 minority, women and international students with business professionals in a one-on-one learning experience that offered guidance and practical advice about careers and professional achievement.

  • The college hosted the first regional Black MBA Association case competition last year on the new Fisher College campus. The Fisher team shared first place with teams from Case Western University and Xavier University. Earlier in the year, the Fisher team reached the semifinals for the first time in the National Black MBA Association Case Competition held in Detroit.

  • A non-profit internship program sponsored by Bank One in cooperation with the National Center for Social Entrepreneurs sent Fisher MBAs to local organizations such as the American Red Cross and the YWCA to help them find ways to achieve financial independence.

  • A group of student leaders committed to using the power of business to create a better world established a local chapter of the Students for Responsible Business.

  • Community-minded MBAs created a tutorial program working with students in local elementary schools with a history of low proficiency testing.

MBA Program Rankings

  • Ranked 9th in the nation for women by Working Woman magazine, 1998.

  • Ranked 26th in the nation in U.S. News & World Report’s “1999 Best Graduate Schools” issue.

  • Recognized as one of the top business schools in the nation by Princeton Review’s Best Business Schools, 1999 edition.

  • Ranked as a top 50 business school by Business Week, 1998.

MBA Recruiting Results
(as of August 1, 1999)

Percent reporting job offers: 92%
Starting salary average: $73,082
Average salary including additional guaranteed first year compensation (bonus, stock options, overtime, etc.): $95,562
Percent reporting signing bonus: 81%
Average signing bonus: $9,035
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