Office of the Dean

Fisher College of Business Executive Committee is comprised of the dean, associate deans and department chairs of all academic programs. Two at large faculty members and a representative of the Staff Advisory Council complete the committee.

The current executive committee includes:

Anil Arya At Large Faculty Member (elected)
Kenneth Boyer Chair, Department of Management Sciences
John Rensink Staff Advisory Committee Representative
J. Richard Dietrich Chair, Department of Accounting and MIS
David B. Greenberger Associate Dean for Staff, Human Resources and Administration
Robert Lount At Large Faculty Member (elected)
Anil Makhija Dean and John W. Berry, Sr. Chair in Business
Bernadette Minton Chair, Department of Finance
Ben Tepper Chair, Department of Management and Human Resources
H. Rao Unnava Senior Associate Dean for Students and Programs
Peter Ward Senior Associate Dean for Faculty and Outreach
Pat West Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs
Walter Zinn Chair, Department of Marketing and Logistics