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College Administration

Anil K. Makhija
Dean and John W. Berry, Sr. Chair in Business
(614) 292-2666


Associate Deans

H. Rao Unnava
Associate Dean for Executive Programs
W. Arthur Cullman Professor of Marketing
(614) 292-1506

Pat West
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs
(614) 292-0568


Department Chairs

David B. Greenberger
Chair, Department of Management and Human Resources
(614) 292-5291

Waleed Muhanna
Chair, Department of Accounting & MIS
(614) 292-2082

Peter Ward
Chair, Department of Management Sciences
(614) 292-6318

Ingrid Werner
Chair, Department of Finance
(614) 292-6460

Walter Zinn
Chair, Department of Marketing & Logistics
(614) 292-0797


Support Unit Directors

David B. Greenberger
IT Academic Director, Information Technology Services
(614) 292-5291

Barb DeYoung
Executive Director, Business and Finance
(614) 292-7351

Francisco-Xavier Gomez-Bellenge
Associate to the Dean for Special Projects
(614) 292-6684

Nick Chordas
Acting Executive Director, Marketing Communications
(614) 247-4556

David Harrison
Director, Office of Diversity and Inclusion Student Services
(614) 292-1017

Nancy Lahmers
Executive Director, Graduate Programs 
(614) 292-2975

Larry Murphy
Carol L. Newcomb-Alutto Executive Director, Executive Education

Jeffrey Rice
Executive Director, Career Management
(614) 292-8588


Office of the Dean Support Staff

Teresa Daniels
Executive Assistant to the Dean
(614) 688-3514
201 Fisher Hall

Patti Flinn
Administrative Associate, Dean's Office
(614) 292-8960
201 Fisher Hall

Cathy Forte
Assistant to the Dean for Faculty
(614) 292-3767
200 Fisher Hall