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Dean's Advisory Council: Malcolm J. Gudis

Malcolm J. Gudis is Chairman and CEO of Second Tranché Investments. Prior to that, he was Senior Vice President of Electronic Data Systems Corporation (EDS). He served on EDS' Board of Directors as well as on EDS' seven man Leadership Council, working with its members to direct the affairs of the corporation as a whole. Additionally, Mr. Gudis was a director of each of the international corporations and entities of EDS.

Mr. Gudis had direct responsibility for EDS' global, commercial and international business interests. This included all business interests outside of North Americato include operations in over 35 countries as well as worldwide responsibility for the market segments comprising the Communications, Transportation and Energy and Petrochemical industries.

Before assuming his responsibilities as senior vice president in 1986, Mr. Gudis was Corporate Vice President and chief operating officer in charge of all EDS business interests outside of North America. He served as president of EDS World Corporation responsible for the organization's profit and loss, sales, operations, and strategic planning throughout the Far East, Europe, Middle East, and Inter-Americas, and held numerous sales and management positions in EDS' domestic areas. Mr. Gudis' experience includes living three years in Japan, three years in France, and two years in England.

Before joining EDS, Mr. Gudis served in marketing and management positions for two Fortune 500 corporations. He also founded a California computer leasing and marketing company in 1968, serving as its CEO for five years. Mr. Gudis earned a Bachelor in Science degree in finance and marketing from The Ohio State University and in 1998 was awarded the first International Alumni Award by the Fisher College of Business. He has served on the Board of Directors of Identix Corporation and the Board of Trustees of The Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of L1 Identity Solutions, Inc., The Board of Trustees of The Episcopal School of Dallas where he serves as Chancellor, numerous charitable and business organizations and is Chairman and CEO of Second Tranché Investments, a family company with investments in real estate, equities and start-up ventures.