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Faculty and Staff

Both Fisher College of Business and The Ohio State University offer many diversity and inclusion related resources for the college's faculty and staff.


  • Francisco X. Gómez-Bellengé
    Associate to the Dean
  • David E. Harrison
    Director, Office of Diversity and Inclusion Student Services
  • William Watercutter
    Director, Human Resources


Fisher College of Business faculty and staff may find the following resources useful.

College Diversity Committee

The College Diversity Committee addresses a number of college-wide diversity and inclusion issues proactively; maintains a dialogue on diversity and inclusion across the college, and selects the winners of the Annual Diversity Business Awards.

Diversity Committee Members
  • Isil Erel, Department of Finance
  • Francisco Gómez-Bellengé (Dean's Office)
  • David Harrison (Office of Diversity and Inclusion Student Services)
  • James Hill, Management Sciences, Chair
  • Nancy Lahmers, Graduate Programs Office
  • Jeff Rice, Office of Career Management
  • Tanya Menon, Department of Management and Human Resources
  • David Williams, Department of Accounting and Management Information Systems
  • Xiaoyan Deng, Department of Marketing and Logistics
  • Melinda McDonald, Undergraduate Programs and Advising Office
  • Mariah Scott, Undergraduate Student Representative
  • Kimberly Lawson, Master's Student Representative
  • Heeman Park, PhD Student Representative