Undergraduate Service Award Nominations

The Teaching Awards Subcommittee of the Undergraduate Program Committee is currently accepting nominations for the 2015 Service award.

Submit your nomination for a service award below. To submit multiple nominations, simply complete a separate form for each nominee.

For additional information about the Undergraduate Service award, please contact Melinda McDonald (mcdonald.18@osu.edu, 614-688-4231).

Nomination Guidelines

  • Individuals who have won the award in the last three years may not be nominated.


Submit a Nomination

Nominations must be submitted by Friday, January 23, at midnight.

Nominee Name: (Required)
Check the online name or department directory for nominee information.
How has this instructor or staff member, outside of their current role at Fisher, provided exceptional service to the College, students, and/or the OSU community? Please indicate what the service entailed and the impact it had. (Required)
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