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Past Recipients

Fisher College of Business values diverse and superior contributions by faculty and staff.  Faculty and staff perform an array of duties that support the College and University’s commitment to excellence and educating tomorrow’s leaders. 

Each faculty and staff member at Fisher is an important and vital member of our Community and these awards are an opportunity to honor their extraordinary accomplishments

Below lists the past recipients of these awards.  For each award, a category is provided to add focus and call out the specific achievements of the recipient that led to their award.

  • SERVICE: Shashi Matta
  • STAFF: Sarah Steenrod and Robyn Scholl
  • HONORS: Michael Brandl
  • MAJOR: John Fellingham
  • CORE: Larry Inks
  • SERVICE: Neil Drobny
  • STAFF: Patricia Jefferson
  • HONORS: William Raabe
  • MAJOR: Michael Brandl
  • CORE: Stephen Lundregan
  • SERVICE: Kathryn Mellett
  • INNOVATION (teaching): Andrea Prud'homme
  • CORE (teaching): Marc Smith
  • STAFF: Lorraine Pennyman and Elizabeth PIttman
  • GERVAIS (student): Elizabeth Mangels
  • MAJOR (teaching): David Widdifield
  • PACESETTER: Nancy Lahmers
  • SERVICE: Andrea Prud'homme
  • STAFF: David Harrison and Jacqueline Elcik
  • TEACHING: Rebecca Naylor
  • HONORS: Tzachi Zach
  • INNOVATION: Dan Oglevee
  • CORE: Terry Klinker
  • PACESETTER: Richard Young
  • GERVAIS: Robert Aurand
  • SERVICE: Nancy Lahmers
  • INNOVATION: Shashi Matta
  • CORE: David Terry Paul
  • STAFF: Anthony Palma
  • GERVAIS: Hallie Banks
  • HONORS: Steffanie Wilk
  • PACESETTER: Venkat Bendapudi
  • MAJOR: Jennifer Altamuro, Rudiger Fahlenbrach
  • CORE : Sharon James
  • STAFF: Steve Moore, Jill O'Neill, Jay Yutzey
  • GERVAIS: Michael Lepore
  • PACESETTER: Larry Inks
  • MAJOR: Sharon Alvarez, Karl Diether, John Persons, Patricia West
  • STAFF: Arleen Robinson
  • GERVAIS: Pinank Patel
  • PACESETTER: Dan Jensen
  • HONORS: Rick Young
  • CORE: Larry Inks
  • MAJOR: Martha Cooper
  • STAFF: Barb Gladman, Linda Miller
  • GERVAIS: Andy Vicen, Jessica Kleinman
  • PACESETTER: A. Michael Knemeyer
  • HONORS: Nancy Lahmers, Eric Spires
  • CORE: Paul Weinstock
  • INNOVATION: Stephen Hills
  • STAFF: Pam Park-Curry
  • GERVAIS: Kevin Black
  • PACESETTER: Tim Otter
  • HONORS: Anil Arya
  • CORE: Roger Blackwell
  • INNOVATION: Bernadette Minton
  • MAJOR: Daniel Oglevee
  • STAFF: William Nelson, Tom Wei
  • GERVAIS: David Blocksom
  • PACESETTER: Elliot Klayman
  • CORE: John Blackburn
  • MAJOR: Tom Goldsby, Jim Nelson
  • HONORS: Judy Tansky, Paul Nutt
  • STAFF: Melinda McDonald, Nancy Lahmers, David Harrison
  • GERVAIS: Taylor Luebke
  • PACESETTER: David Williams
  • CORE: Teri Ziegler
  • MAJOR: Venkat Bendapudi
  • HONORS: David Williams
  • INNOVATION: Curt Haugtvedt
  • STAFF: Jay Yutzey
  • GERVAIS: Adam Waltz
  • PACESETTER: Buck Mathews
  • CORE: Konstantina Kiousis
  • MAJOR: Lisa Bryant
  • PACESETTER: Leslie Fine
  • PACESETTER: John Current
  • PACESETTER: Bernadette Minton